San Antonio sits nestled in southern Texas hill country along the San Antonio River. Spanish explorers gave the city its name in 1691, and Spanish missionaries followed in the early 1700's. Texas fought the Battle of The Alamo right here in 1836. Historic rumor is that chili was invented here over the campfires of Texans heading for California's 1849 gold rush. San Antonio is proud of its history, and embraces its place as a diverse modern city.

Venture into San Antonio's history on a drive along Mission Trail, past five Spanish frontier missions. Explore the Spanish Governor's Palace and the King William Historic District to get a feel for San Antonio's more genteel era of the mid-19th century. Then fast-forward to now - discover the city's contemporary food and arts scene on a stroll along the San Antonio River Walk.

Historians ask that you remember The Alamo. We believe you won't forget San Antonio.

Kristi Maxwell
Kristi Maxwell
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